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MPO Adaptor MPO Adaptor

Connector Form




STD: Standard
SCFP: SC Footprint
LF : Long(Standard) Flange
SF : Short Flange
G: Green A: Aqua
Y: Yellow Be: Beige
B: Black V: Violet
Example MPO adaptor
MU/SC convertor adaptor MU/SC Adaptor
MU/SC Adaptor with built-in plastic precision conversion sleeve
Features of MS Adaptor
  1. It can directly connect MU Connector and SC Connector.
  2. Low loss properties (<0.5dB).
  3. Even during mechanical durability testing and environment resistance testing, it has excellent optical properties.
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Plastic sleeve Split Sleeve
High Quality and High Strength
Features of Plastic Sleeve
  1. High performance, low cost.
  2. It has excellent optical properties.
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We can manufacture various customized parts according to
your order using our excellent precision molding and
composite molding technologies, optical fiber
processing technologies, etc.
  • Product where hole diameter, number of holes, and configuration of
    MT type connector are arranged as required
  • Optical communication mechanism parts
  • Plastic package
  • V-groove shape products
  • Special processing of the edge of optical fiber, etc.

* Some products may require initial expense or prototype making.
Please contact us for more details.
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