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Quality Management System
ISO 9001
Certificate No.39889
Environment Management System
ISO 14001
Certificate No.42605
Polishing Machine for MT Connector
● Ideal for polishing MT, MPO and MT-RJ connectors.
● Provides flat polishing,angled polishing and fiber protrusion polishing.
High-quality polishing
Air pressure system for optimum control
Uniform polishing with a wide polishing track
Shorter polishing time (1 / 2~2 / 3)
In-house comparison shows conventional polishing times
are redu ed by one-half to two-thirds.

Featuring a long-life wheel (adhesive removal and rough polishing)
Nissinkasei NAP-240VRX Polishing Machine
Outstanding workability and operating easet
Major Specifications
Power Supply : 100-240V 50/60Hz
Weight / about20kg 
Dimensions / 300×400×430mm
● Power Consumption / 15W 
● Use Air Pressure /
● Air Connection joint /
● Target Ferrule / MT, MPO, MT-RJ 
● Polishing Capacity /
● Grinding Disc Rotating / 100~240rpm Changeable
● Accessory / Grinding Disc, Code With AC-DC Power Adapter Set,
Code Hanger, Special Tool Set